Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wish I lived in Canada

Let's make a comparison or two...
Canada US
Gun deaths per year about 68               over 22,000
Some news stories from news websites:
NBC 10 (my local):
45th Anniversary of JFK Assassination
School Aide's XXX Past
Accused Peeping Tom
Shot and Killed Burglar
Tech Exec Convicted of Murder
Husband Dies Two Days After Wife
Teacher Accused of Assaulting Student
Snowstorm restricts travel
Auto sector help could deepen deficit
Montreal museum head tapped to be National Museum curator
Hiking trail closed due to heavy rain
Haircuts, housing info on offer at Calgary homeless event
Students running underground junk food trade donate profits to charity
Enough about that, let's move to other stats...
Canada has 14.6% more renewable freshwater.
Canada has 4.2% more energy per capita.
US has a 4.8% higher death rate.
Canada has a 2.9% higher life expectancy.
Canada's lending represents0.68% of its GDP. US' borrowing represents 4.72%of its GDP. (canada has a surplus, us has a deficit)
US spends 3.7 times more money on military as expressed in % of GDP.
et cetera...