Thursday, December 23, 2004

to quote my friends

some of my friends think that i act strange. one of my friends is freda. she lives in two houses-two attached houses. her mother is a famous artist. she is incredibly interesting. she said "pass a bundle of mumble over here" or something while putting up christmas lights.


why does anyone drink coffee? its so bold and refined, yet so tart and burn-my-tonguesque! i have here timothy's coffee: ultra dark. the word ultra sounds like chrome or flushness of matter. mega and super just dont cut it! super dark? and age? why care? we are all going to die sometime. age just acts as a giude on what is possible in your present frame of mind!

hi 12/23/04

this is my life. im at my mother's work. i have been trying to get gmail for months. i just can't get one of the many invites! grrr! i will try to get more games for my dreamcast or my ps1. i want a dreameye, although they are very expensive. blogs rock! my school is in a two-week vacation. i have nothing 2 do!