Tuesday, February 28, 2006

gg final test

Martin Greenberg



The Golden Goblet Final Test

1. It became extremely difficult and dangerous for Ranofer to follow Gebu because he was going inside a cave, and it was hard for Ranofer to walk/see, and Gebu heard Ranofer behind him.

2. How did Ranofer hide from Wenamon? Free

3. Ranofer didn't feel alone in the valley because he thought that he heard khefts.

4. Ranofer concluded that the small room was the tomb of Queen Tiy's parents.

5. Ranofer plunged into the crevice because he was scared by a vulture.

6. Why did Heqet ad the Ancient decide to leave the Valley before they found Ranofer? Free

7. When the Ancient and Heqet were reunited with Ranofer in the Valley, they helped him by guarding the large rock that Ranofer had pushed in front of the exit to the tomb to trap Gebu and Wenamon. Ranofer was worried that because Gebu was strong, he would be able to push the rock aside and would kill Heqet and the Ancient.

8. Ranofer worried that no one would listen to his story because he was just a child, and children are prone to make up stories with themselves as the hero.

9.The powerful person in the palace wwo first decided it would be worthwhile to listen to Ranofer's story was Qa'nefer.

10. The queen tested Ranofer's story be asking Ranofer what was leaning against the wall of her parents' tomb. Ranofer answered that it was her father's oaken staff, and he was correct.

11. The queen rewarded Ranofer by giving him new clothes and a donkey.

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