Saturday, January 20, 2007


Finals again!!!!!!! I hate them. Don't you? This holiday season was terrible. I hate being Jewish at Christmas. On another note, I know my post-hysterectomy mother has a penchant for inaccuracies and gruesomeness, but this call she's having right now takes the cake. I want cake. Anyway, she's saying all these silly, ridiculous, irrelevant things that are either stomach-turningly disgusting, stupid, ridiculously irrelevant to the subject, or inaccurate. We DON'T have metal detectors, I wasn't "saved" by a
"teacher", I applied to both AFS and Shipley, private schools don't have well-informed parents (for the part entree) who are wealthy, I am not the only Jewish 8th grader at my school, and my mother is not sane. And of course, Jewish people aren't more informed. Ugh. My mother needs a good mouth-taping. And of course, spaghetti isn't the food of the poor, whereas food like soup is the meal of the bourgeoise. What a stupid stream of babbling! See you people later! :P

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