Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cybiko and COMPUTER GOD!

Well, I've recovered from exams after a sedentary period, moving into French, Honors Science, and Gifted English, which is more like video production with some grammar thrown in to merit the title. I am attempting to crack open my beloved, late Cybiko, a mid-to-late 90's "hip" internet device that had space for apps, pics, videos, even MP3 and wireless voice through a mic, and an easy dev process. Mine isn't "broken", per se, it's just the charger port assemblage has fallen into bent pieces of metal and plastic inside the cool, sleek, curved, clear casing. I just can't charge it. It was cool while it lasted, but the company went out of business and doesn't exist anymore. I recommend getting one on eBay for under 20 bucks. They are incredible, even now. Even WAP browsing and wireless messaging! It even matched proximate users based on likes and dislikes and vibrated in your pocket if another user came into range (which didn't happen much). I'm trying to fix it just as much as I'm trying to learn Ruby and C right now, which is hard for a 14-year-old...ugh. Anyway, I did a "nerd test" and got a 100, according to its (obviously faulty) results and the image/link below. Well, I am fluent in 4 programming languages (CSS, XHTML, HTML, LOGO) and know the basics of many more (ActionScript [pretty good], BASIC, etc...). Mostly web stuff. I checked out Yahoo! Pipes a couple days ago. It's pretty cool what it can do. It's pretty easy to learn. I'd say it was about 25 minutes before it made sense. It manipulates and combines RSS and XML feeds based in user input, automation, and/or programmer input. It uses an AJAX interface, with a cool "pipes" system to connect parts of each "module" to others, like for input and stuff like that. Below is the image, which links to the test. Talk L8R! Bye! :D

My computer geek score is greater than 100% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

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